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OBAOLAY Ski Goggles Double Anti-fog Spherical Outdoor Goggles

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High-definition anti-fog lens: Made of high-quality PC material, in line with international standards, the clarity is 23% higher than that of peers, and the double-layer anti-fog field of vision is wide

REVO lens: Eight layers of electroplating using environmentally friendly materials, designed to cut out harmful light, improve lens functionality, not only resistant to solar radiation, but also waterproof and scratch-resistant.
Special treatment of the frame: After one-piece embossing and molding, the frame is more smooth, delicate and durable after three layers of piano paint.
Super large field of view: 170° super wide field of view, wider lens, larger spherical surface, wider field of view.

Snap-on design: The snap-on design is patented, with firm installation, simple disassembly, and easy to use.

Interchangeable Design: The patented sliding mirror strap can be replaced at any time.

Real materials: OBALAY ski goggles are made of exquisite materials and keep improving.

Humanized design: It can also be used with glasses, and it will not fall off.