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1892 Barber Half Dollar 50C

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This is a PCGS Graded Coin. The 1892 is the first year of issue and boasts a low mintage of 934,000 pieces.
This is an excellent coin to add to your collection.

Coin Features:

  • Old Green Holder
  • Mintage 934,000
  • Known as a Barber Quarter
  • Obverse: Liberty Facing Right with Liberty Cap and Laureate Crown
  • Reverse: Heraldic Eagle holding an Olive Branch and Arrows. Around Rim: United States of America. Motto: E Pluribus Unum 13 Stars above Eagle.

Barber (1892 – 1916)-Charles E. Barber became Chief Engraver at the Mint in 1879 and maintained the position until his death in 1917. During his tenure he redesigned all the silver denominations and the five cent nickel coins. His work was utilitarian and while often criticized for their lack of panache, they were the most functional designs the Mint utilized up to that point. The Barber silver coinage was produced in large quantities and without change from 1892 until 1916 when it gave way to the newer art deco renditions of the so called renaissance era. In 1892, Charles Barber’s Liberty designs replaced the obverse of all the circulating silver coinages. His classic bust harkened to Roman sculpture and met with mixed reviews. His experience as a Mint engraver showed through the series. With lower reliefs and broad design the elements remained virtually the same throughout its run providing long lasting dies and proving easy to produce rapidly in large quantities. Most of the dates are readily available in XF – MS64. In fact, with just one true stopper (1901-S), the complete series is obtainable with patience. When considering price to population rarity, the Barber coinages appear to be of excellent value and today the series is widely collected as both type coinage from either the 19th and 20th century sets and by date.