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1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

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The 1889-CC is the first Carson City Mint Morgan dollar struck since 1885. The Nevada branch mint was closed throughout the intervening years during the first presidency of Grover Cleveland, who backed the gold standard and opposed the free coinage of silver. As the Carson City Mint had come into existence principally to process the large quantities of silver being mined from the nearby Comstock Lode, Cleveland's political positions made continued operations of the facility unlikely.

The 1889-CC Morgan dollar is not only far and away the rarest Carson City silver dollar, but also a key date for the entire Morgan dollar series.

In high mint condition, it is a six-figure coin so attractive, mark-free AU-58 examples such as this are what everyone wants and nobody seems to have. The mintage this year was a mere 350K coins, one of the lowest in the entire series.

This is an absolutely wonderful coin for the grade, highly attractive with full mint luster and a bold strike. The coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.




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