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1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar

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Morgan Dollars 

The latter half of the 1880s was a time of higher-than-usual production figures for Morgan Silver Dollars, and the 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar was no exception. With more than 30 million Morgan Dollars minted during that year alone, 1886 Morgan Dollars are among the most commonly seen in the market place today, even in light of the mass melting the series experienced under the Pittman Act of 1918.

1886 Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage Figures

 Coin Features:

  • Strong Luster
  • Known as a Morgan Dollar
  • Obverse: Liberty Facing Left wearing a Liberty Cap and a Crown of Trade Goods. Around Rim: E Pluribus Unum and 13 Stars.
  • Reverse: Forward facing Eagle holding Arrows and Olive Branch. Around rim United States of America. Motto: In God We Trust. Laureate Crown around Eagle.