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1885-S Morgan Silver Dollar

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Coin Features:

  • Strong Luster
  • Known as a Morgan Dollar
  • Obverse: Liberty Facing Left wearing a Liberty Cap and a Crown of Trade Goods. Around Rim: E Pluribus Unum and 13 Stars.
  • Reverse: Forward facing Eagle holding Arrows and Olive Branch. Around rim United States of America. Motto: In God We Trust. Laureate Crown around Eagle.

1885-S Morgan Silver Dollar -With a mintage of only around 1.5 million pieces, the 1885-S Morgan dollar is much less common today that the Philly issue of the same year. Many spent time in circulation, or were improperly stored in bags in the San Francisco Mint, leading to numerous bag marks. Whereas the Philadelphia issue has an MS65 population of over 10,000 coins, only 245 San Francisco coins have achieved that grade.