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1881-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

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Silver and Morgan dollars... magic words to collectors. But, the Morgans most prized are the low-mintage Carson City coins. Now with this 1881 Morgan silver dollar, you'll enjoy the second lowest mintage "CC" issue. Due to a lack of bullion, coinage of silver dollars was suspended from April to October 1881 – so only 296,000 Carson City silver dollars were struck that year! But now, over 135 years later, you can own this highly desirable issue.

For decades, most of these lustrous Morgans lay hidden in government vaults. Then, starting in the 1930s, "CC" Mint sewn bags were unsealed, and beautiful Uncirculated silver dollars were paid out to collectors. With their release, many of these sought-after Morgans were absorbed into private collections. Fortunately we've located a small quantity, so you can own one of these historic dollars. Scarce in all grades, the 1881-CC is highly sought after by experienced collectors!


  • Material: Silver
  • Mint: Carson City
  • Product Type: Single Products
  • Year: 1881