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1879-O Morgan Silver Dollar

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Value of 1879-O Morgan Silver Dollar

The New Orleans Mint, closed in 1861 at the beginning of the Civil War, was reopened in 1879, at which time most production consisted of Morgan silver dollars. It is believed that 12 Proofs were struck on February 20, 1879 to observe the reopening.

Multiple bags of 1,000 Uncirculated coins came to light in October 1962 and with other New Orleans dollars were among the first of the Treasury releases that led to the depletion of the government supply of dollars. Releases of 1879-O continued well into the summer of 1963. However, the total quantity eventually released did not even remotely compare to such plentiful issues as 1883-O, 1884-O, 1885-O, 1898-O, 1903-O, and 1904-O. For some reason, 1879-O dollars did not get into the numismatic mainstream of bulk investment and dealer sales. Perhaps most went to banks in remote areas. In time, the 1879-O once again became scarce in quantity lots.

Most 1879-O dollars seen on the market today are of average to above average striking detail, although many exceptions occur to either side-weakly detailed or sharply detailed. Most coins have attractive frosty surfaces. Although variations in mintmark sizes exist (see below), nearly all collectors, apart from VAM enthusiasts, are content to include just one example of the 1879-O in their holdings.

  • Category: Morgan Dollars (1879)
  • Mint: New Orleans
  • Mintage:  2,887,000
  • Obverse Designer: George T. Morgan
  • Reverse Designer: George T. Morgan
  • Weight: 26.73g
  • Diameter: 38.1mm
  • Edge: Reeded