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1845-O Liberty Seated Half Dollar Coin

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Product Details
This is a PCGS Graded Coin.
This is an excellent coin to add to your collection.

Coin Features:

  • No Drapery
  • Known as a Seated Liberty Half Dollar
  • Obverse: Liberty Seated with a Heraldic Shield and Staff
  • Reverse: Forward Facing Heraldic Eagle with Arrows and an Olive Branch

Seated Half Dollar No Motto (1839 – 1853, 1856 – 1866) - With the advent of the steam driven presses at the Mint facilities, newly appointed “second” engraver Christian Gobrecht began work on redesigning the nation’s coinage. The Gobrecht designs crossed all silver denominations with the work based on sketches by Thomas Sully and Titian Peale. The new half dollar incorporated a .900 silver composition that was incorporated with the Reeded halves and was a departure from earlier halves compositions designated by Congress in 1792. The overall weights were again changed and designated on the coins with the addition of arrows and rays in 1853-1855. These devices were removed and the No Motto type was struck again using the reduced weight until 1866 when the design changed another time with the addition of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST.